12 Months – Fairy Dancing Subscription

12 Months – Fairy Dancing Subscription

$960.00 / year

Use the code Happy2023 at checkout for a $160 discount. Current subscribers are not eligible for this promotion.

The Fairy Dancing Program has been designed by a fully qualified teacher with many years of experience both within the classroom and in teaching Dance. 

The Fairy Dancing Program is unique, as it provides opportunities for children to exercise and immerse themselves in The Fairies experience in a learning environment, which uses music, movement, and dance to develop children’s cognitive, emotional, and social needs. 

By associating fairies with dancing, the art of dance is transformed into a magical experience that children will cherish.

By buying a subscription you will be securing your postcode so no one else can run Fairy Dancing in your area. If you could like to secure further postcodes please email support@fairydancing.com

(All prices are in AUD Dollars).  Please contact support@fairydancing.com to confirm that your location is available.


What’s included:


Be supported in your journey to a streamlined Dance School
  • Instructions on how to implement the Fairy Dancing program in your Dance School
  • Personalised support via the private Facebook Group
  • Step-by-step Before Class Procedure


Fairy Dancing programs featuring a new fresh themed program every month.
  • Fairy Dancing programs featuring a new fresh themed program every month. The program includes 3 scripts which cater for ages 6 months to 5 years variations include Fairy Babies Fairy Ones, Fairy Twos.
  • Award winning children’s music in albums on Spotify and downloadable as MP3s with song lyrics and piano music available to you and your students at all times.
  • Complementary themed dance assets for you to print each month to make your classes magical.
  • Access to Youtube and Spotify playlists that match with the monthly program


Boost your professionalism by tapping into a successful global brand, The Fairies
  • Certificates to reward student achievement
  • Reward Sticker Sheets so you can reward students for their process
  • Colouring Pages to provide Fairy Fun for visitors 
  • Fun Fairy Name Tags you can print yourself
  • TV episode, movie and music links so students can continue the fun at home


Let us make your studio stand out from the rest
  • Enrolment procedure and forms for new students
  • Templated Welcome Letter for Parents
  • Dance Administrator Duties and timeline to ensure consistency across your team
  • Class lists so you stay organised
  • Social Media Posts and Templates you can use to attract more students
  • Monthly Parent Newsletters written for you to engage and nurture your current customers
  • Trial Lesson Procedure to help train your team


Members will also receive exclusive access to other fan-fairy-tastic materials such as:
  • Themed holiday and seasonal programs that will help you generate income all year round.
  • Amazing pop-up Fairyland wall artwork that will make your dance studio stand out and create a magical studio for your students.
  • Tear drop flag to promote your Fairy Dancing lessons at events and networking opportunities.
  • A-Frame artwork to promote your location and improve wayfinding to your Dance School.