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Our amazing brand The Fairies™ provides your dance studio with THREE themed Fairy Dancing lesson plans every month. Original fairy music, YouTube links to dances, TV episodes and movies. Everything a FABULOUS dance programs needs to keep students returning to your classes.

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Become a preschool parent magnet. Fairy Dancing will have fairy dancers and all their friends flying to your classes in no time.

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Give them fairy magic and make your dance studio a magical place to develop the passion for dance. Our dance program is linked to The Fairies™ global brand with TV, movies and music.
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We give you everything to make your dance studio irresistible. Build your dance studio numbers with ease.

YOU run a dance studio and the success of your studio depends on you attracting students who love your lessons and return month after month.
It is not enough to be a great teacher in a great location. You need students coming through your door. Our program will give you the tools to help achieve this.

Once your students become Fairy Dancers they need to stay Fairy Dancers. They need to live and breathe Fairy Dancing at home and tell all their friends. Our incredible brand helps you achieve this!

There is no other international preschool brand in the world that will get the shyest child dancing. Put it to the test!

Without happy fairies and happy parents your dance studio will not reach its full potential.

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While many dance studios have amazing teachers most dance studios lack a fantastic hook and social media expertise, which is crucial to success.

Our Fairy Dancing™ Program has successfully taught thousands of preschool fairies. It is simply fan-fairy-tastic.

Our amazing brand The Fairies™ provides your dance studio with three themed Fairy Dancing lesson plans every month, as well as original fairy music, YouTube links to dances, TV episodes and movies.

In addition we provide you with everything a FABULOUS dance programs needs to keep students returning to your classes.

Dancer jumping


  • Step by Step Lessons
  • New Programs every month
  • Holiday and Seasonal programs
  • Fairy bubs program
  • Fairy Dancing programs catered for children ages 2-5 years
  • Globally recognised classes
Student Material


  • Certificates
  • Name Tags
  • Song Words
  • Reward Sticker Chart
  • Colouring pages
  • Music Playlists


  • Enrolment and Welcome Letter
  • Parent Newsletter
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Dance Administrator Duties
  • Timeline of Procedures
  • Class lists
  • Trial Lesson Procedure

We provide you with social media marketing to promote your business and “after dance service” that both your fairies and parents will love. Everything you need for an extraordinary transformation of your business, so you can live the life of your dreams!

We are The Fairies and this is what we do!

We help dance studios by attracting students, keeping their current students and saving them hundreds of hours of time every year.

The Fairies™ do Fairy Dancing™ better than anyone else in the world. Our expertise has been built up over 20 years. Now boasting 130 television episodes, 9 movies and over 200 children’s songs.

What are you waiting for? Join The Fairies TODAY and watch as your dance studio transforms into something magical for both your students and you!

The Fairies™ can be found on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Itunes and Spotify.

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