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Frequently Asked Questions

Your subscription will automatically renew in one month’s time, and we will continue to send you our amazing new programs every month until you choose to withdraw.

Programs will be available for 5 weeks at a time. Each program will be available on the 20th of each month. Thus giving you 10 days to prepare your staff and parents with the upcoming program.

To find your downloads you must be logged into your account. Once logged in you will find download packs in the Downloads menu. If you wish to download specific items instead of a full pack, go to the Program Resources page located under ‘Logout’ Menu. If you are looking for your login details a separate email will have been sent to your inbox immediately after signing up.

Make sure you use all that we offer to make the most out of our Fairy Dancing program. Follow the dance administrator timeline. Use the after-dance services, make sure you continue to engage with your parents. Let your dance school be the most magical place for a chid to be. This will help your dance school stand out from the rest.

Please make the best use possible of all of the elements in our Program, including the Social Media marketing materials in your resource pack, including a parent newsletter with positive facts on dance, plus recipes, quotes and spells … so much to keep your parents interested in their child’s Fairy Dancing progress.

Music can be found in the monthly dance script via the hyperlinks.

We will be bringing out more programs to increase your cash flow and help you use your dance school’s downtime in the near future. Make sure you keep an eye out for them, they are going to be fan-fairy-tastic!!

You can manage your Subscriptions via the Subscriptions menu. If you finish your subscription, we hope you understand that you must immediately stop using any reference to The Fairies, Fairy Dancing, or any of The Fairies dance programs, forms, certificates, links and music which are all trademarked and owned by The Fairies. No part of the Fairy Dancing program may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage retrieval system without the express written permission of Fairy Dancing.

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