The magic behind Fairy Dancing

Creating Fairy Dancing

Fairy Dancing grew from the TV and music brand The Fairies. Songs and dances always filled the episodes, and it was quickly evident children loved to get up and copy the dances. It’s funny being a child, you can be doing as little as bopping in time to the beat and in their own mind, they’re dancing like a fairy or an elf.

From this the first studio was born which has now evolved into Fairy Dancing! Brilliant choreographers and educators take the best of The Fairies songs and dances and turn them into magical lessons while ensuring we help the cognitive development of our preschool students.

The Fairies Behind the Scenes

Jen Watts

Creator, The Fairies

Jen Watts is the creative mind behind the children’s entertainment brand “The Fairies.” Her goal within this industry was to be the best preschool entertainment concept for girls in the world.

Megan Burns

Co-founder, Fairy Dancing

Megan Burns is the co-founder of Fairy Dancing. She has owned and run a preschool dance studio boasting 230 students under the age of 5 who graced her doors each week.

Emma Johns

Dance Writer, Fairy Dancing

We’d love to introduce you to our current Dance Program writer, Emma Johns. Emma has a Bachelor of Dance, a Certificate IV in Dance and a Masters of Teaching Secondary and currently touring Australia in 9 to 5 The Musical.

Make life easier with a little help from The Fairies